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EPC Rust server is a go!

Yark the Shark posted Jan 13, 16  -  Black OpsEPCRust

What happened to the Black Ops server?


Are we getting a new game server?

Yes we are! In fact, we purchased a Rust server not too long ago. It's more popular with the PC gaming community and is very addictive. It's also fairly cheap to run. Just an FYI. The server is located in Atlanta, Gerogia. We tried the UK but it was just too far for the US players. We also tried New York, NY but it was full. :(

What the hell is Rust?

Essentially, Rust is a multiplayer survival game. You build bases, craft items, and can raid bases. The game is still in early alpha but its updated bi-weekly with hot patches when needed. Here is Face Punch Studios (the devs) website for Rust: 

Is Rust worth it?

I'll get straight to the point. Rust is entirely dependent on the size of your group and how managed your group is. It's all about who can gather the most resources the quickest and defend themselves against others. However, at that point you become a prime target for other groups who are just as large. Once you establish your group, you can decide if you want to ally with other groups or make enemies (having enemies can lead to some awesome gun fights). As far as raiding goes, most players choose to raid while others are offline because it makes it easier for the raiders. Online raids can be full of action but with that comes high risk, considering the amount of resources your group carries to a raid. Basically, it is gather, build, defend, raid, and so on. Now like many games there are drawbacks. Rust has many but here are the main ones. Rust servers wipe every first Thursday of each month or at the admins discretion. Hackers are becoming more of an issue as Rust continues to become more popular. However, with proper moderation and feedback from others, hackers can be discovered within a day or so. Bugs are somewhat common but they are patched pretty quickly. Lastly, the biggest issue I would say is getting raided. No one likes getting raided, especially when it happens multiple times (from Penguin's and I own experience). Players will always look for weak spots in bases. If not, then with enough people (and time) they can just C4/pickaxe/rocket through everything, but that requires a group of like 8+ people or more. And that is if we haven't raided them first : D. 

Is the Rust server ready?

For the most part, yes it is. Both Penguin and I are in the process of learning how to manage a Rust server along with the help of another server manager. So currently, the server is up and is playable. It will be subject to changes when need. For now, I will not be wiping the server unless I have to for some reason. 

Can I be an admin?

As of right now, only Penguin and I will be Rust admins. The server needs time to grow its community in order to need more admins. Eventually, I would like to have around 10 admins in total if we hit past 50 players. That way we have almost 24/7 moderation and help when needed for other players. We will add admins on an as needed basis. Please do not ask us to make you an admin, we decide based on previous experience with Rust and other aspects. Also on a side note, don't ask us for free shit. We don't care if you're an EPC member or not; everyone will play fairly. We will only give items to players under special circumstances. 

How can I join the server?


  1. Press F1 to open up your console.
  2. Copy and paste client.connect into the console and then press enter.

Alternative way to enter the server.

  1. Click on the play tab.
  2. In the Search Servers.. field, type in EPC Rust and go to the Community tab. 

Questions and concerns.

Feel free to message me on Steam or pm me for any questions regarding Rust or anything that I have addressed in this post. I’m also available on TeamSpeak.

On another sidenote, the current banner/logo for our Rust server is not permanent. I made it in like 10 minutes. Get off my back ok...

- Penguin and Yark

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