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The King of Fighters XIV Review

Posted Mon at 15:00
The King of Fighters XIV is yet another satisfying entry in the long-running KOF series. It ditches the intricate sprites found in recent games in the series in favor of 3D characters and backgrounds, though battles still take place on a...

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Posted Fri at 14:00
The way I play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided may not be the same way you play it. When I step into the shoes of Adam Jensen, I avoid conflict, drink all the alcohol I find, and stop bad guys from doing terrible things by releasing pheromones ...

Deus Ex Go Review

Posted Thu at 17:36
Puzzle games and stealth adventures share many similarities. To succeed at both, you need to be smart, cunning, and calculated. You need to plan your moves several steps ahead, and you need to know exactly how everything around you is go...

Bound Review

Posted Thu at 17:00
The first impression you get of Bound is that of a platforming video game that uses interpretive dance as a foundation for all movement. It's only after the credits roll that you realize the reverse is true: Bound is an interactive, inte...

No Man's Sky Review

Posted Aug 13, 16
No Man's Sky is an exploration game set in a vast galaxy of over 18 quintillion planets. Each one is massive--too big for any one person to explore fully in the span of a day--and if you’re the first to discover one, you not only get to ...