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Rock Band 4 Review

Posted Mon at 15:00
I can’t stop listening to The Protomen. I’ve known about this band and their Mega Man-inspired tunes for years now, but I never really gave them a chance until ''Light Up the Night'' popped up during a Rock Band 4 set. Turns out that...

Cities: Skylines After Dark

Posted Fri at 22:01
As the old song says, “At night, it’s a different world.” That old Lovin’ Spoonful lyric holds true in After Dark, the first expansion for Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines. After Dark adds a day-night cycle to the Cities exper...

The Beginner's Guide Review

Posted Thu at 18:00
What is a game? Why do games exist? How should you approach them? How should you perceive and engage with the games you play?These are some of the questions posed to you in The Beginner’s Guide, a narrative-focused game by Davey Wreden...

NBA 2K16 Review

Posted Wed at 20:02
NBA 2K16 is a tale of substance and style, loaded with a degree of personality not found elsewhere in the series. It proudly displays its Spike Lee-directed “Livin’ Da Dream” narrative, which adds more story, drama, and reasons to ...
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a history lesson on a grand scale. It weaves through maps, journals, and diary entries long separated from their ancient authors, in abandoned ruins across the world. But this collection also del...