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Headlander Review

Posted 1 hour ago
If you've ever stepped into Samus Aran's boots for a Metroid adventure, you'll instantly recognize parallels in Headlander's world structure, outfits, and animations. It doesn't beat around the bush: you shoot laser guns, explore sprawli...

The Assembly Review

Posted Tue at 21:26
Virtual reality works best when games utilize it in ways that are inherently unique to the technology. Still, plenty of developers shoehorn games into VR that fail to live up to the technology's potential. Unfortunately, The Assembly fal...

I Am Setsuna Review

Posted Tue at 5:00
There are times when I Am Setsuna's mimicry is too obvious for its own good, when you immediately recognize that it's a deliberate effort to trigger nostalgia for classic Japanese RPGs. But these moments don't tell the whole story. Poign...

Brigador Review

Posted Jul 15, 16
A grimey, lo-fi text-to-speech program coughs out a made-up word: "Brig-a-dor." From here on, I know what I'm in for. Brigador isn't like today's games. From the moment you start playing you'll wrestle with befuddling menus and a nonsens...

Ghostbusters Review

Posted Jul 15, 16
It’s not surprising that Activision has chosen to release a Ghostbusters game right in time for the movie reboot or that it’s a four-player cooperative twin-stick shooter. Really, the only thing truly surprising about the game is how clu...