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Master of Orion Review

Posted 3 hours ago
Master of Orion is a game with grand scope and massive scale, and more often than not, both work to its advantage. You explore outer space, colonize planets, and swing other leaders on a clandestine dance floor of galactic diplomacy, all...

Alone With You Review

Posted Fri at 22:08
Your enjoyment of Alone With You depends largely on how much you value narration. As a homage to classic 80s-style Sierra adventure games, this is first and foremost a piece of interactive storytelling. It bears thematic similarities to ...

Attack on Titan Review

Posted Fri at 14:00
The gruesome, sometimes disturbing anime and manga series Attack on Titan has gained worldwide popularity since the comic's launch in 2009. There have been only a handful of video game adaptations, with varying success--the last one, Spi...
With such a large cast of eccentric characters and fighting styles, it's no wonder the cult favorite manga and anime series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has repeatedly gotten the fighting game treatment over the years. The series' latest ada...

Madden NFL 17 Review

Posted Wed at 2:00
Madden games have historically had many different difficulty settings and challenges, but Madden NFL 17 actually gives you the confidence and the desire to take them on. Between an improved running game and welcome changes to the defensi...