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God Eater Resurrection Review

Posted Fri at 1:03
There’s an alluring sense of immediacy and simplicity to God Eater Resurrection. You jump into a mission knowing full well what your orders are, you carry out those directives, and you exfiltrate when the job is done. It’s the same kind ...

Necropolis Review

Posted Wed at 1:29
Hardcore roguelike traditionalists may find a lot to like in Necropolis, which goes heavy on atmosphere with its spooky, retro-flavored environs and even heavier on tense combat with the threat of permadeath looming overhead. But there i...

Kerbal Space Program Review

Posted Tue at 20:43
Update: We've updated our review to reflect the changes made to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Kerbal Space Program. Please scroll to the bottom of the story to find the updated content. - PB, 7/26/2016, 12:42 PM PDTTwo astronauts are ...

Quadrilateral Cowboy Review

Posted Tue at 0:00
The year is 1980. Hoverbikes are in vogue, and so are 1920’s Italian opera and portable vinyl record players. You’re in the midst of breaking into a highly secured villa, and the safe you’re there to grab is surrounded by lasers, just as...

Headlander Review

Posted Mon at 14:00
If you've ever stepped into Samus Aran's boots for a Metroid adventure, you'll instantly recognize parallels in Headlander's world structure, outfits, and animations. It doesn't beat around the bush: you shoot laser guns, explore sprawli...