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Valley Review

Posted Tue at 19:16
Video games that nail the act of movement often allow you to flow freely and come down from a sprint naturally. Blue Isle Studios' Valley lets you build up exhilarating momentum while you sprint and leap through forests and fields, but y...

Obduction Review

Posted Tue at 10:00
I often got real, physical headaches while playing Obduction. Towards the end of the game, I’d regularly get completely stuck when trying to solve a puzzle, decide I was missing something vital to its solution, and proceed to run back an...

Master of Orion Review

Posted Sat at 20:42
Master of Orion is a game with grand scope and massive scale, and more often than not, both work to its advantage. You explore outer space, colonize planets, and swing other leaders on a clandestine dance floor of galactic diplomacy, all...

Alone With You Review

Posted Fri at 22:08
Your enjoyment of Alone With You depends largely on how much you value narration. As a homage to classic 80s-style Sierra adventure games, this is first and foremost a piece of interactive storytelling. It bears thematic similarities to ...

Attack on Titan Review

Posted Fri at 14:00
The gruesome, sometimes disturbing anime and manga series Attack on Titan has gained worldwide popularity since the comic's launch in 2009. There have been only a handful of video game adaptations, with varying success--the last one, Spi...